Trade Duty Refund Partners with Customs Manager Ltd. to Expand its Global Customs Compliance Expertise

Trade Duty Refund Partners with Customs Manager Ltd. to Expand its Global Customs Compliance Expertise

05 January 2024 (Lagny-sur-Marne, France) - Trade Duty Refund today announced an initial partnership agreement with Customs Manager Ltd, a group of customs and global trade advisors based in the United Kingdom.

Trade Duty Refund is a global international trade company based out of France with a specific focus on duty free returns for companies importing into the United Kingdom and European Union. The company is headed by Jocelyn Montpert, an international trade and logistics expert with over 30 years of global experience.

The company supports global merchants in claiming back customs duties from UK and EU authorities for returned items. Trade Duty Refund has a technology, data-driven process that allows retailers to claim back their duties more efficiently and with better accuracy.

Claiming back duties in compliance with Customs regulations can be daunting and complicated for many international companies. Therefore, Trade Duty Refund has partnered with Customs Manager Ltd to enhance the level of expert knowledge and consultancy when it comes to customs compliance and processes. The partnership allows for Trade Duty Refund to have a continuous internal audit of its process for claiming back returns duties as well as a guaranteed and trusted liaison with HMRC, the UK’s tax and customs authority.

The partnership between the two companies allows for:

  • Full compliance with customs regulations
  • Guaranteed efficient process for claiming back return duties
  • Expert consultancy from international trade experts
  • Updated trade intelligence on laws governing global trade activities
  • Trusted and knowledgeable point of contact for HMRC

“What a great way to kick off the year announcing our new partner Customs Manager Ltd! Our collaboration promises crossborder businesses a comprehensive trade advantage, blending Customs Manager meticulous expertise with Trade Duty Refund optimized processes, fostering a competitive edge in the international marketplace”.

Jocelyn Montpert - Head of Trade Duty Refund

“Customs Manager Ltd is thrilled to align with Trade Duty Refund, a pioneering startup offering a one-of-a-kind service in duty refunds. We combine our second to none Customs proficiency with their innovative approach, ultimately optimizing trade operations and financial outcomes for our clients.”

Arne Mielken - Managing Director of Customs Manager Ltd

How can Trade Duty Refund help global merchants reclaim customs duties?

Trying to claim back customs duties from UK HMRC or the EU Taxation & Customs Union can be burdensome and time-consuming, especially when companies deal with hundreds or thousands of returns.

Trade Duty Refund, built on the expertise of international trade consultants and AI-powered data analytics technology, helps companies file bulk claims quickly just from a list of returns that the company provides.

Merchants can focus on selling and logistics while Trade Duty Refund works on efficiently and successfully claiming back duties owed.

Does your company import goods in the UK and/or the EU and experience high volumes of returns?

Schedule a discovery call with Trade Duty Refund to calculate an estimate of the customs duty you could claim back and understand how our process works.